Research project FAST

Field Assisted Sintering Technology for the Densification of Nanostructured Powders and Fabrication of Functionally Graded Materials

Project data

Project management organisation EU/GROWTH (5th Framework Programme)
Project number GRD1-2001-40737
Term 01.04.2002 - 31.05.2006



Field assisted sintering (FAST) is an emerging technology for the fabrication of metals, ceramics and their composites starting from powders. It has the potential of densifying powders with nanosize or nanostructure while avoiding coarsening that accompanies standard densification routes. A major aim of this project was to increase the accessibility of this technology in Europe by creating a European provider of equipment. Flexible equipment was designed and built allowing several modes of operation that till now cannot be found in any other single installation. Another goal was to evaluate the application of FAST in the development of nanostructured materials and composites, specifically very high hardness materials and lightweight wear resistant materials for transport applications. The processing of functionally graded materials was also part of the work program.