Expertise in Materials Technology

Expertise in Materials Technology

Our KNOW HOW & EXPERIENCE for YOUR specific solutions.
We open up new posibilities based on technical ceramics, hard metals, etc.

Research & Development

With innovation at the heart of our business, we are focused on continuously expanding our know-how to deliver the highest quality products for our customers. In our technical centre in Rauenstein our motivated R&D team makes an important contribution to achieving this goal.

Apart from our own R&D activities we like to cooperate closely with R&D partners from research and industry. FCT Systeme has participated in various R&D projects in the past and strives to follow this path in the future.

The knowledge gained this way provides a basis for the continuous improvement of our know-how, which is reflected in the functionality and effectiveness of our furnaces, thus giving our customers a clear competitive advantage.

At the same time, new fields of application are opened up in the frame of R&D projects, often spurring the development of new furnace types with innovative new functions.
Those R&D projects are, on the one hand, customer projects with a customer-specific furnace-technology-related goal - mostly on a bilateral and confidential basis - and interdisciplinary cooperative projects on the other, which involve several partners and are often state-funded. A selection of relevant publications you will find here: [see menu point "Research & Development"].

You find a list of scientific articles about the topic FAST/SPS published by FCT Systeme GmbH by following this link: [see menu point "Bibliographie"]