Research project WINDROLLER

Cost effective roller bearings for wind energy generation

Project data

Project management organisation EUROSTARS / BMBF 
Project number E!5283 
Term 01.07.2010 - 30.06.2013



The wind energy sector is growing fast and it has a need for innovative technical solutions in order to improve the lifetime as well as the efficiency of the wind power plants. Hybrid bearings as a replacement for conventional all steel bearings is one important part of this. Today, there is a lack of availability of high-performing hybrid bearings. Reliable performances and long operating life is for bearings intended for wind energy critical. Further, the prices of these bearings need to be cut greatly in order to get the users to try this high quality alternative for improved performance.
The aim of the joint project is the development of an innovative manufacturing method, enabling the cost efficient production of high quality ceramic bearing components. The goal of the FCT sub project is the development of a specially tailored sintering technology for the high quality ceramic bearing components.