Research project THENOX

Thermal Debinding Technology for the Production of Large Volume Parts Made of Non Oxide Ceramic Materials

Project data

Project management organisation Thüringen, TMWTA / Bayern, PTJ 
Project number B409-04008 (TMWTA) / 0A447200504 (PTJ 
Term 01.05.2005 - 30.11.2007



The goal of the project was to establish innovative problem solutions for the thermal de-binding technique, which is basically to be used in the production of non-oxide ceramic assemblies of large volume. In order to use the economically favorable combined process (de-binding and sintering within the same furnace, i.e. no conversion required), the ceramic components must go through the hermetically sealed process of de-binding first before they can be sintered. This process required a poorly controllable exhaust gas treatment via a thermal post-combustion unit and caused scraps and ceramic components of poor quality due to problems arising during the de-binding process. An in-situ gas sensor system suitable for production was developed during the project. The system serves as foundation to construct separate or superior control circuits respectively via suitable regulators within the furnace and the thermal post-combustion unit, which allow a defined de-binding and a defined exhaust gas treatment. The goal was to improve the quality of the product, to decrease the scrap rate, to safe energy with both plants and to decrease the toxic material within the exhaust gas. After the realization and testing in a pilot plant, concepts were prepared to transfer the developed technology onto the production plants of the project partners.


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