Research project NANOPAL

Further Development of the Field Assisted Sintering Technology to the Point of a Production Relevant Size and Development of Suitable Pressing Tools

Project data

Project management organisation AIF Berlin (Rahmenprogramm „ProInno II“)
Project number KF0068001UK4
Term 01.01.2005 - 30.11.2007



Spark plasma sintering or field assisted sintering is an innovative sintering technique with a laboratory-confirmed suitability for the compaction of nanocrystalline powders. Metallic and ceramic powders can be completely compacted within the shortest amount of time (without grain growth) through the activation effect on the sintering process.

The laboratory plants available in Europe were only used for R&D purposes. The aim of this project is the further process development to manufacture semi-finished goods with measurements relevant to production. This was supported by FEM modeling. In the context of a process optimization specific to material, new, nano-structured PM-Al alloys were produced as large sized, cylindrical semi-finished products (Ø 200 x 80 mm). Those highly heat resisting semi-finished products were then used for the production and characterization of prototypical components.

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