Research project KoniFere

Near net shape integrated production of complex composite parts by cost-efficient gas pressure infiltration

Project data

Project management organisation BMBF / FHprofUnt
Project number 03FH064PX3
Term 01.10.2013 - 30.09.2016



The project aims at the cost-effective serial production of components made of powder metallurgy compound material with interpenetrating structures via gas pressure infiltration as a new series-production process. Heat sinks are used as demonstrator components with a complex geometry for the heating of power semiconductors, which are to be manufactured in near net shape by newly developed material technology and procedure. The components are supposed to integrate ceramic insulating functions, metallic electrical conductors and internal cavities for cooling purposes. The project aims especially at the evaluation of technical and economic opportunities and risks of a serial production.

The work plan starts with the structure design of preforms with microporous structures adjusted to the procedure. It is carried out in close collaboration with the project partners KIT Karlsruhe and CeramTec GmbH. At the same time there is a conceptual phase planned together with FCT Systeme GmbH regarding systems engineering. In addition materials for complex and long-lasting permanent molds are developed.  Simultaneously, the scientific process of laboratory scale gas infiltration is developed. After achievement of the main project milestone the implementation of the procedure regarding the suitability for series production and cost-effectiveness is in the focus during the second part of the project. The new integration and heating of power semiconductors can be exemplified in the field of electromobility in hybrid and traction motors and in resource-efficient LED-lighting technology. Furthermore, the near net shape and the series production of compound material products can be transferred to numerous fields of application.