ZirStaFol 研究项目

Development of Parts with Three-Dimensional Geometry made of Zirkonia-Steel Multilayer Foils with Graded Composition

Project data

Project management organisation AIF / ZIM-KF
Project number KF2422304WO0
Term 01.01.2011 - 31.10.2013



Objective of development is a new process for pressure assisted co-sintering of metal-ceramic composites with graded compositions. The project is aiming at the development of a closed processing chain for the production of assemblies consisting of co-sintered, graded metal-ceramic laminates for medical engineering. This includes the casting of zirconiumoxide-steel compound foil, the 2D- and 3D- structuring of the foil by embossing and deep-drawing as well as the simultaneous sintering of compound-partners via co-firing.  Co-sintering of metal-ceramic composites is a new technological area, because the assemblies sintered for medical engineering are different from the ceramic parts, usually sintered with the state-of-the-art FAST/SPS sintering method.  The focus of the analysis is the three dimensional shrinkage behavior of the compound foils and the laminates under load to solve current problems with cracks and de-lamination as well as deformation of the foils.