Multi-purpose hot press, resistance heated, with overpressure 1 MPa

Type HP P - resistance heated


  • Working temperature: up to 2200°C (option bis zu 2400°C)
  • Vacuum: 5 × 10-2 mbar(a)
  • Working pressure: 10 bar(g) (1 MPa)
  • Debinding/dewaxing- sintern - gas pressure sintering and hot pressing in a combined process (DEB) as option
  • Design: vertically loaded from the bottom
  • Process control with superordinated visualization system Siemens S7/300 + WINCC
  • Temperature measurement and control via pyrometer or as option via TC
  • Atmospheres:  Ar / N2 (more on request)
  • Servo-hydraulic force control
  • Precise, rigid portal frame with low deformation, accurate guiding of the punch
  • Measuring device for densification stroke and densification speed
  • Double-walled, water-cooled stainless steel vacuum chamber with a leakage rate up to 1 × 10-3 mbar(a) l/s
  • Easy accessibility
  • Resistance heating
  • Design and optimization of pressing moulds/concepts
  • Systems for mould filling and mould draining
  • Handling systems, especially for large-sized furnaces

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