Projet de recherche Évaporateur Cr-Ni

Développement de coupelles d'évaporation à chauffage direct stables à long terme

Project data

Project management organisation PTJ / WING
Project number 03X3508C
Term 01.04.2006 - 30.06.2009



Coating technologies to refine or functionalize material surfaces have become a key technology. Thermal metalizing under vacuum constitutes a very effective and widely used method.  As such, ceramic composite evaporators based on hexagonal bornitride (hBN) and titanium diboride (TiB2) are used for the evaporation of aluminium. Spiral coil evaporators of high-melting elements like wolfram or molybdenum are used for all iron-based metal alloys. Those, however, do not constitute a satisfying solution, because those evaporators do neither meet the requirements for corrosion stability nor those for high-temperature resistance. Within the scope of the project, directly electrically heated ceramic evaporation boats with sufficient thermal and chemical stability, adapted electrical conductance and ideal wetting characteristics were developed. These show a shorter set-up-time, allow an energy-efficient production via FAST/SPS-technology with a ready-for-use geometry and indicate a significantly longer durability than hitherto used commercial evaporators.