Projet de recherche SeProFast

Development of Series Production Technology of Faceted Cutting Inserts based on Ceramic Nano-Composites using FAST/SPS method

Project data

Project management organisation EUROSTARS / BMBF
Project number E!6237
Term 01.09.2011 - 30.05.2014



The project aims for an innovative, cost effective production method for faceted cutting inserts with superior performance characteristics, realized by the development of new ceramic nano-composites as well as a fully automated FAST/SPS sintering method, considering the whole value added chain.
Nanocrystalline materials offer the possibility to improve the properties of cutting materials like hardness, wear resistance, cutting performance and tool life. At present, the potential of nanopowders and nanomaterials is widely discussed. However the market volume of ceramic nanopowders and nanomaterials is still low. Especially the implementation of non-oxide nanopowders and nanomaterials in the market is strongly retarded by difficulties in the production, processing and consolidation of such powders, as well as their high prices. These difficulties will be overcome by reaching the goals of the project “SeProFAST”.