Research project ENITEC

Efficient Debinding and Sintering Technology for the Production of Ceramic Components with Low Energy Consumption

Project data

Project management organisation PTKA-PFT / „Forschung für die Produktion von morgen“ 
Project number 02PO2024 
Term 01.07.2009 - 31.12.2012



A considerable conservation of energy (>40%) could be realized within the project ENITEC during the production of technical ceramics.The focus here was the most heat-consuming production: the heat treatment. The potential for saving energy was realized by the development of new innovative concepts for the furnaces supported by in-situ measurements and simulation techniques.

One sub-goal of FCT was the significant increase in efficiency of the de-binding and sintering technique for batch processes regarding ressource and energy consumption as well as costs. This took place within the scope of the project on the example of relevant demonstrators.  

see www.enitec.org