Research project 3DTP

Development of a Powder Compaction Technology for Tiles Made of Technical Ceramic Materials with Three-Dimensional Geometry

Project data

Project management organisation Thüringen, TAB 
Project number 2002 FE 0144 
Term 01.04.2003 - 31.09.2005



The main goal of project „3DTP“ is the development of a dry pressing technique suitable for production to produce three-dimensional convex plates with sizes up to ca. 1200 cm², curvature radii of down to ca. 150 mm, a wall thickness between 5 and 30 mm, from technical non-oxide ceramic and especially dense, highly stable silicon-carbide-ceramic. In order to reach the main goal, a sub-goal was defined. This sub-goal was to develop a prototypical pressing tool for the axial dry pressing of three-dimensional, convex plates including a specially adapted filling technique (filling a crack via pneumatic delivery and/or supported by vacuum).